Updated as of 3/6/2017

Read First:

If you were redirected here, our membership website is down. We are working on getting it back up as soon as possible. I will provide more news here. Thanks HJM Team

Update: 3/7/17 7:38 pm Central Time

All sites back up. If you have any issues let us know. - HJM Team

Update: 3/7/17 1:29 am Central Time

OK, most of the sites are back up but there are a few that are still having issues. They will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks - HJM Team

Update: 3/6/17 11:03 pm Central Time

Some sites are now live. If you see this page your membership site is not live yet. Most should be live in the next hour or so. Thanks - HJM Team

Update: 3/6/17 3:06 pm Central Time

Our server is fixed. We are in the process of configuring the server and then will start to copy over all data. It will be later tongight until our websites are hopefully back up. I will post more as I know more. Thank you, - HJM Team

Update: 3/6/17 9:25 am Central Time

Our data backup is almost done and then new hard drives will be added to our server. Once that happens we will be adding our sites back as quickly as possible. We still estimate it will be tonight until most of our sites are back up. Thank you, - HJM Team

Update: 3/5/17 9:30pm Central Time

We expect the new server to be built tomorrow morning / afternoon and then will spend the day getting the sites back up and running. I am hoping most sites will be live again by tomorrow night. As I get more updates I will post them here. Please enjoy some free videos below. Sorry for the inconvenience. - HJM Team

Update: 3/5/17 9:15pm Central Time

At approx 2:00pm U.S. Central time our Membership server crashed. The hard drives failed. We are working with our server company to replace the hard drives and get the sites back up. We hope to have most sites up and running by tomorrow evening. We have contacted CCBill and they are aware of the situation. After the issues are fixed we will be extending everyone's membership. I will post more here as we know more.